Update as of October 2013

I look back through this blog and wow, it’s been almost a full calendar year since I last wrote.

It’s emotional actually – I see where I was, what I was doing, and of course the theme/topic of this blog (my day to day with chronic back and neck issues) still gets to me.

I’m not really sure where to start, so I guess I’ll just provide some insight into what life is looking like now…

In August 2013, I moved to Madison, WI for a consulting position with an insurance company. Never in a million years would I have predicted this – and by “this” I mean pretty much everything. As of now:

– I work in a corporate office 8:30-5:30 each day (which brings lots of physical challenges, which I’m sure I’ll write more about soon).

– I live in Madison, WI — Chicago was the only place in the Midwest I’d ever been to; and I’d already ruled that out early in my job search due to the Winter – did I mention that Madison is actually slightly farther north than Chicago? Uhh, yeah. We’ll see how my body handles the cold, though the fall has been lovely and reminds me of where I grew up in New England.

– I am still in the midst of personal injury litigation in Texas.

– I stayed in Physical Therapy (PT) in Texas from Sept 2012 – May 2013. Then I worked with a personal trainer (highly recommend this) from May – Aug 2013, and have been getting regular massages throughout. Now (Oct 2013), I get a massage once a month, am working with a new Physical Therapist and am seeking a trainer, though the one at the gym at the office has been somewhat helpful. Not to sound dramatic, but I’m honestly wondering if PT is going to be an ongoing revolving door for me for the rest of my life. I know working with a personal trainer will be, as will massages.

– Dan and I separated in January 2013, and oddly, we both ended up taking new jobs in Madison. I could probably devote an entire blog to that alone. It’s still something that I’m trying to understand and process.

– I returned to partner dancing (and tap dancing) this fall, though I’ve amended it to a beginner tap class for 30 min, and private ballroom lessons tailored to my abilities. I have ventured out on occasion to try some West Coast here and there (am going to try again this weekend). Surprisingly (to me anyway), I miss West Coast and Country the most of all the partner dances.

– For the first half of 2013, I worked really, really hard to improve my interpersonal relationships with my family (Mom, Dad, brother and relatives). I’ve learned a lot and still have more to do, but it’s progress.

– In the summer of 2013, I started working with a nutritionist my counselor recommended. Both my counselor and nutritionist have been incredible – very supportive, easy to relate to, and knowledgeable. Support really can’t be overrated it seems.

– My photography came to a standstill in the late Spring 2013, as I did shoot a few weddings in 2013 and then just did not feel very inspired. I shot my favorite Country dance competition in August, and those photos I’m still working on editing. I miss creating art, but learning and doing my new job, as well as keeping afloat physically, is taking up a lot of my energy right now.

– I miss Austin and my friends there, every day. I left on good terms though; I felt complete about my experiences there.

So, I know all that was a tad scattered and varied in topic, but that’s the update of late. I’ll reblog this on Regulardaze also.

Hope everyone out there in the blogging community has been well!



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