Status Update: December 2012

Hi all,

I haven’t written in awhile. That’s largely because things have taken a bit of a turn.

To put it in brief, in November I decided to hire an attorney for my more recent accident (the August one), which has meant that now I’m back on a path I am less than anxious to repeat (re: personal injury litigation). This time, it’s a different set of circumstances in a new city and place, but the emotional toll is not particularly light. Fortunately though, I have been through this process before and I can use that as a source of insight and also a source of sanity – since I’m at least somewhat prepared for the different stages to come.

Physically speaking, things have been up and down. I was in physical therapy from late September through late November. There was some improvement in my neck but my back was not responding as hoped. I write you now as I await the results of an MRI from about a week ago. I’m not sure what it will show, I just hope that it will help my team of care providers move forward. On the upside, I did recently find out that my pre-existing condition “termed,” or ended, so my COBRA health insurance provider will now cover some of my care. Medical costs have definitely been starting to climb.

Socially, as one might suspect things have been tricky. I still haven’t been able to participate in partner dancing which has left Dan out on a limb in many cases. I have been able to visit with friends and attend some events, with my assortment of back pillows as my ever vigilante sidekicks. I’ve continued photographing some dances which has been fun, but also a bit physically tricky. I also tried co-shooting a couple of weddings which I was able to do with lots of adjustment/accommodation (not to mention massages afterwards).

Professionally, things are a tad up in the air right now. I’m starting to look for full time work again (because I’m needing the intellectual stimulation and the income), which has led to its own set of challenges. Working at home for the last couple of years really allowed me lots of flexibility (both in terms of schedule and in physical accommodations). I’m not sure what my next venture will be, but I’m reading job postings carefully for physical requirements (e.g., lifting, twisting, bending, sitting), and hoping that I’ll be able to work something out with my future employer. (Not to mention, that one of my hopes is to continue building up the photography while doing something interesting from 9-5).

So I’m back in a certain limbo of sorts. Legally, physically, socially and professionally, things are a bit topsy-turvy. Thankfully it’s the holiday season and our Christmas Tree along with copious amounts of holiday music streaming on Pandora, have helped brighten my mood some. Dan, my close friends and family, and care providers, have of course been very supportive and encouraging.

If you, or anyone you know, finds yourself in a similar state of unknown – know that they’re not alone. Sending hugs to all of you dealing with these sorts of things and hope your holiday season still has magical moments amidst the ambiguity of the future.


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